Ritter Ultraviolet

The 4ps of Marketing with Ritter Ultraviolet 

You have your product and set the price, Now comes the other two Ps place and promotion. Now imagine yourself in a country where you don't know the language, what will happen? you will have a hard time communicating right? Social Media is like a whole new world now, where each platform has a different language. And only by learning the language, you can find your audience.
Well, Goodnews! Now you have Ritter ultraviolet in your team, who will handle the other two P's (Place and Promotion techniques)

Now let me Introduce Myself and My Team

Mohammad Adib (Founder & CEO)


Now Lets meet My awesome Team

Shadman Fahim (Head of Operations, USA)
"You can't even think of wining the war unless you have a programmer standing beside you"

 Jales Rosa (a.k.a The Magician)

Jales Rosa also known as a the magician of the virtual world. Jales joined ritter ultraviolet few months back when shadman met him at a party and became good friends.

in case if you haven't checked his VFX skills yet, here is his channel 


Now comes the Prodigy, Who one day is definitely going to rule the world

Art hajrulllahu (eCommerce Developer)


This kid has developed more than 50 eCommerce store, among which 20 are running successfully and he is my only team member who still goes to school :p


Take your business to the next level

If you are looking for standard digital solutions then you have come to the right place. 


Our complete solution offers

  1. Website creation
  2. Android/IOS application
  3. Business Development Strategies
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Content Management

We have been serving many businesses and worked in different industries and experienced what works and whatnot.


With all these experiences let us help you reach your goal.