Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2021 that will give Boost to your Sales

There many possible ways to bring sales from your business pages however you must have to have a clear understanding of your customers. If you studied social media by now you have guessed each platform has its own active audiences. For example, if you are selling high-end services like App development, the high chances are you won't find them on Instagram. You may find them on Facebook but that's highly likely.

So, let's start with our first strategy


1. Understand which platform is best suitable for your business. 

In today's world, every social media platform has billions of users but that's not enough for selling your service/product, what you are looking for is Active users. Yes, People who at least spend a total of 2 hours in that specific Media.

for example, if you are a clothing brand that's trying to develop a unique fashion then your targeting mediums are 1st Instagram 2nd Facebook. if you have an ad budget of 6000$, spend 4000$ o Instagram and 2000$ on Facebook.


 2. Prepare a real marketing plan, not just spend money on boosting


Create offers! Yes, go back to traditional marketing. Unless you are a super brand, this is a great way to bring sales. If you are selling a 50$ product just give 1 to 2 $ worth of a product as a gift, and write a short note like " Thank you for buying from us". things like that build relationships and creates customer loyalty.

You can create awesome Newsletters like these and let them know that you are giving these offers on your website.



  3. Use your awesome chatbots, Use them to greet your customers and take them to your product landing page


It's obvious, you will not be online 24 hours on your business page. That's okay, so what you are going to do instead is use the chatbots to keep the conversation and smoothly take the individual customer to your product/landing page. 



4. You have set your page. Now let's come to the real deal


The next step is to research your audiences. This is where you cannot be wrong or else it may cost you a good amount of money.

Suppose your business provides car washing service. The first thing you need to understand is not everyone has cars' but almost everyone has an account on social media. so if you are not specific while targeting your audience it may cost you money.


5. Study your data. Find out the KPI


Study the movements of your customers. keen observation and let you understand what works and whatnot. Keep records of which page is most visited, from which country customers are coming, which page is most viewed. From these data find out the KPI (Key Performance indicator)

If you are using Facebook business manager for advertisement, all this information can be easily found in the ad accounts.


6. Not getting any sales? delete the ads, create a new one


If you are not getting any sales or visitors then it's very much possible that your ads have poor content. if the ads are not eye-catching to your audiences, it's okay to kill the ads and start creating new ones. It doesn't have to be a picture ad, you can create a short video, GIF, or even blog post (Like I am doing right now)


7. Explaining Videos are working well. it's time to start a Youtube channel. 


Now don't get worried. I am not asking you to stand in front camera and start talking (Well, that's not a bad idea) but if you have an extra budget hire an explaining animation video that describes your service/business. Not just Ritter Ultraviolet, there are many other animator companies that create explaining videos.



There are many ways you can promote your business on social media. I can write several days on this topic as I am writing from experience. There are many more standard digital solutions that can definitely bring sales to your company.


Honorable Mentions


  • Marketing on LinkedIN, if you are providing standard solution. For instance, if your company is providing financial services, consultation, construction, architecting, app development the LinkedIn is the right medium to place your ads.
  • Influencer Marketing, They are often great channels to get a boost in your sales. 
  • TikTok- it can be a great channel for your brand, as there is relatively little competition on the platform.


SOcial media platform can be beneficial for your business. just prepare a plan and budget and get o with it.


If you need any kind of consultation about, how you will approach the marketing plan you can contact us and we will help you to take your business to the next level.